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Webinar organized by the Cerradogroep of Wervel

The Brazilian Cerrado, an immense savannah, one of the oldest ecosystems in the world, much older than the Amazon rainforest but already more than half destroyed. How did this come about?

In this webinar, Brazilian professor Larissa Mies Bombardi talks about the damage in Cerrado due to the use of pesticides that are no longer allowed in Europe.

Bombardi was a professor of Geography at the University of São Paulo. When she worked out the ‘Atlas of pesticides’, Brazilian agribusiness couldn’t digest it and Larissa was threatened. She fled to Brussels and since then she continues to work very actively on the theme of ‘Molecular colonialism’.

Second guest is Dr. Valney Dias Rigonato. Valney has been a professor of Geography at the University of Western Bahia in Brazil for many years and has written several books and studies on the Cerrado and indigenous people.

When & Where?

Online – 17th of April at 14 ‘o clock (Belgium) or 9 ‘o clock (Brazil)